Are You Suitable to Wear Replica Watches?


What is the replica watches? High-end replica watches, simply means those watches made under the proportion of 1:1 according to the size, specification and function of the authentic ones.


What replica watches play is the mentality. Even if two pieces of the authentic watches with the same model, it cannot necessarily achieve the same level. Because what you buy is replicas without confidence, so it is hard to find defects. When giving you a piece of the authentic watch and telling you this is replica watch, maybe you can still find out a few disadvantages.


Here is a simple example: install the BMW engine on the Ferrari car, and then you drive it out, then that is a Ferrari car. Although it's not really a Ferrari car, other people cannot distinguish and the BMW engine is also not necessarily junk.


If you require 100% simulation between the replica watches and the authentic watches, frankly speaking, it is impossible. Even the two pieces of authentic watches of the similar styles are not 100% the same. Firstly give you a piece of replica watch and then give you a piece of the authentic watch, and I lie to you that the authentic one is the replicas and the replicas is the authentic one, I am sure you can find many defects on the piece of the authentic one. Of course, the real replica watch of 1:1 proportion, you will find the simulation can be up to more than 90% of the authentic one, or it doesn’t have the qualification to be  called 1:1 replica watch.


Many people scoff at replica watches, in my thought, that is they don't understand the watches or they think themselves elegant. Many Swiss mid-range brands such as TUDOR, Longines, or some domestic brands such as Fiyta, are assembled by purchasing ETA movement . The heart of a watch is the movement, and the technical content of the shell is not high. If these watches make their own brands on them, they are allowed selling at the shop counters.


So, playing high-end replica watches is just playing the mentality, which needs the recognition of the authentic. Value for money that is the key.

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