What Our Manager Say


Price and time can limit the working life of a watch, but the good service is endless.

I am a crazy watch fan and have common interests and pursuit the same as the general watch fans. Here comes the summery of the experience after pursuing watches for many years: what you buy is not a watch but the seller's attitude and service. A good-quality watch is carefully chosen and debugged. Here I’m looking forward to providing more and better watch experience and communication for more watch fans .


I wore my first watch in my life 15 years ago and opened my physical watch store at Guangzhou South Clock Trading Center, until now, I have been completely a clocks and watches enthusiasts. Making my interest into my career is my most happiest thing in the life. from ignorant to the master, quality goods to high-class replica watches, I wore a lot of watches, and also spent a lot of money. In the end, I found the identity and aesthetics he needed by only spending 1% the price of the branded watches!


I always talk to other watches fans not to treat myself as a businessman of selling watch as I am just a senior clocks and watches enthusiasts. Introduce more high-quality and low-price watches to other watches fans, and help them find a suitable wrist watch – this kind of satisfied joy is much more happier than selling out any watches.


Now there are many online watch shops which make us dazzling. Most of the online watch shops are to earn price difference by adjusting products, but even if the price is low, the quality and service are not guaranteed. What is a professional? That is the seller’s understanding of the watch. If the sellers don't understand his/her watch, how and what can he/she bring guarantee to buyers? The truth is, don't brag about how good is the watch’s quality, just speak it with the facts.


What we sell is not a watch, but a kind of service, and even a kind of attitude! We have a professional, actual ability, and also credibility!


We are not fastidious about other people's goods supply of quality,. While we are in China and even the world largest replica watches base - Guangzhou station west watch market. If you find other sellers cheaper than us, or find any other watch types that we don't have, please tell us, we will try our best to meet your requirements.

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